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Pick your favorite from Apache to Chinook, 8 legendary helis awaits you to choose from! Automatic cannon targeting and intelligent rockets helps you to accomplish all 24 action packed missions!

For succesful mission you can earn 3 stars:

  • 1st Star: defeat more than 80% of enemies
  • 2nd Star: complete mission in time
  • 3rd Star: complete mission with one life

Some missions require specified ammount of stars to unlock them!

Special enemies, like big red Chinook helicopter, or huge container cargo ships needs to hit by rockets to destroy them, just like the bridges.
When destroying the bridges, try to hit the traffic on them for extra rockets and gems!
Collect rewards like golds and gems to get new heli types and upgrade their firepower, rocket damage, fuel tank and speed! Together with your maneuver skills, you will need a well tuned heli to defeat stronger enemies through higher missions.
You can trade collected goods for rockets or golds, or buy them in "Trade" section.

Are you ready for the true gamer challenge?

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
GenreAction, Shooter
Tags3D, Arcade, atari, Commodore 64, Low-poly, Retro, Shoot 'Em Up, Singleplayer, War
Average sessionA few minutes


Download or claim
On Sale!
100% Off
$2.00 $0.00 USD or more

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River Strike.zip 108 MB
River Strike.exe 66 MB


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very good

Thanks for the comment, I`m glad You like it!


Pour les FR qui veulent voir le jeu en action :

Thanks for the gift

You are welcome :) Thanks for the video!

I got the promoted version. Will I have to pay anything when the promotion ends!?!?



With white and red boat on the river, stay on top for refuel your copter


Oh, so don't blow it up. P.S This appears to be a modern day "River Raid"


Tha game is yours forever, even when promotion ends. Thanks for playing.




Thanks, I`m glad You like it!


Player to the sound of Monkey Dance approves her game


Fantastic! Thank You for sharing, I really appreciate it!


This is a simple, yet very fun game! Thank you!


This is awesome!!!! :D


Thanks friend! I really appreciate it!

I can't control the helicopter, is it because I'm using a touchpad? The helicopter doesn't move when I move the mouse around.

(1 edit)

Thanks for mention the bug, It's fixed now in the new version, enjoy.


-Contoller support added for missions


Nicely done, and a beautiful homage to River Raid. It modernize the classic, and is both fun and faithful.


from way back in the first days of arcade I would go down to the pharmacy and play it there. Tho I think it was an Atari in a cabinet!


Looks nice! Thank you very much. Cheers from Brazil!

You welcome! Is good to know that players in Brazil enjoy the game!

Any possibility of adding keyboard/gamepad controls?  Great game, very good upgrade to River Raid.


Keyboard controls actually working only in heli select and mission select, but gamepad controls are on the way in next update, thanks for the reminder.

One other feature that'd be nice would be after your place is destroyed to be able to immediately hit ESC and Retry instead of waiting for the level to reload before being able to Retry.


Congratulations, it's a very well done and fun game. It adds modernity to the classic. I really liked it and recommend it. It's a simple but beautiful 3D and runs on weaker pcs.


Thanks for the review, Im glad You like it.


Great little arcade game. Brought me back to when I played River Raid on the Atari 2600 (yes, I am thàt old...).

Thanks, Im glad You like it. The goal was to make a little remake of my childhoods favorite game :)

Thanks for the free game title.  However, my PC complains that this download is infected with malware.  Can this be confirmed?


No malware.

At first run, because it is not from the Microsoft store, many program install files will be flagged by the Windows operating system as "maybe unsecure, maybe malware". If you have downloaded it from a trusted source, (and have scanned it with you're anti-virus program, to be sure) you may override this warning.

Maybe i should upload a zipped folder of the game to avoid install warnings. This exe was created with winrar as a self extract file.